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Diro Bolt


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April 25: Another Contest Winner!

April 15: Yay!

Congrats to for being the first contest winner of the month! Anyone else want to try?

April 13: Contest

Oh yeah, I also updated the contest question. Anyone want to try the contest?

April 13: Music

Well, I took off the background music. I figured it was getting annoying to people and was slowing them down. Instead I'm going to make a music page for anyone who wants to download music.

April 11: Lazy lazy lazy......

Bad bad Diro! *sigh* I have a horrible habbit of being lazy..... Yeesh its been 10 days since my last update. It actually seems longer......O.o;;; Eh...I really have nothing to say....... 'cept that I'm still here! Well.....I promise to make and least one new fakies this month! I got some requests and I have to put them into action. p.s. I need staff! Please email me if you think you can help with this site!

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